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The Whiz Times is for Whiz Kids.

You can now give a smarter head start to children in today’s fast changing world.



The Whiz Times gives a smarter head-start to children. They can enjoy fun educational stories, videos, reward points, daily news and much more. Updated daily. Original content created especially for them! Give the smarter head-start to children at the price of a cup of coffee! You could Subscribe here. 


Stimulating, Safe and Fun, it is the only destination of its kind that tweens, kids, children, parents and teachers all over the world love. 


Children can enjoy fun educational stories, daily custom News, videos, reward points, Enrichment and Entertainment Рthese are updated daily and custom produced so that children can know what is happening in the World. 

Not only all of this, The Whiz Times will soon be available for mobile devices- tablets and smartphones that children Oh-so-love!



The Whiz Times Content Filters
 VIOLENCEDepictions of violence are avoided or 

highly filtered. For under 8 years, no violence related themes featured.

For above 8 years, only important stories with expert treatment get published. 

BAD LANGUAGEChildren will never be exposed to 

bad or offensive language on

The Whiz Times

FEAR Age appropriate filtering of 

content avoids content exposure 

that might be

frightening to young children

SEXUAL CONTENTNo depictions of nudity or references to sexual behavior



The Whiz Times strictly prohibits glamorization or consumption of alcohol, drugs or tobacco

 DISCRIMINATIONAvoids depiction of ethnic, racial, religious or any other stereotypes that could encourage hatred

At the core of The Whiz Times is powerful, original content that brings real life stories in a stimulating, safe, fun way to children, parents and teachers.

Pre-teenage children need to know about what is happening in the world around them- but that information, available through newspapers, TV and internet is grossly inappropriate for children. The Whiz Times delivers all this in a manner that is well understood by the families AND is engaging.

You can subscribe and get access to all the goodies. Subscription starts with a Free five days full access package. Subscribe now. 


The Whiz Times

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