What is

It is a special, permanent section for you to showcase your KAT.

Your Kudos, Achievements and Talent.




Click on the questions below to understand more:

So basically that’s it! Anything that shows you are WHIZ.

Usually, these are proofs from someone who thinks you are a WHIZ. Like a Kudos or Proof of achievement. OR if you can showcase something that proves you are a WHIZ yourself.

What do I get

1) A permanent profile on The Whiz Times, where you can showcase all your WHIZ stuff.

Files are soooo boring! You get a full section just for yourself and your WHIZ profile.It could be on a URL like: http://thewhiztimes.com/author/your-name/

Someone needs to see what a WHIZ you are? Just whip out your Whiz Times URL – they can see all the stuff at one place.

2) Prizes

The Whiz Times editorial staff will evaluate the submissions. Submissions do not have to be extraordinary- but should demonstrate your eagerness, talent and potential. If you are the chosen one, you get prizes! HAPPY DAYS!


Super awesome


Click the button below, then choose whether you want to write a story or upload a Picture or Video. Fill in the details (like a short title and some explanation) and submit. You are done!

What’s your Whiz?


If you are adding a picture (say, a photo of your Certificate or a Medal), click on ‘Image’ icon and follow the instructions:


If you have to write a story (for example, describing your marathon experience), click on ‘Text’ icon and follow the instructions: upload_text

If you are adding a video (for example, a video of you demonstrating your musical talents or skateboarding), click on the ‘Video’ icon and follow the instructions: upload_video


How do I

You do not need fancy equipment or expensive items to prepare something. If you don’t have access to a good video camera- just use that phone camera (and ask someone to hold it real still!).

It works exactly the same way if you are submitting a photo- if you do not have access to a camera- use your phone camera.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and show us what you have.

Be a Star! You bring the talent- we bring the World to you!

Go ahead- send us your videos, write-ups, your art pieces, science projects, music- anything that you want to be shown to the world.