Content Guidelines for writers to The Whiz Times.

The Whiz Times welcomes interesting comment pieces from anyone. But our readers are Whiz people. They have pretty high standards.

Here are some clues on what they enjoy reading:

1. Focus on a single issue 

The best stories take a single point, and explore it fully, rather than trying to cover too much ground.

2. Explain.

Why should the reader care about what you’re writing about? Think about the user’s point of view.

3. No beating around the bush here

If you have a point, make it snappy. Don’t go around too much and spend a lot of time before you come to the point. Make sure you have a snappy, to the point introductory paragraph, that’s all you have to hook the reader in with. Write it tightly, aim for 300-400 words. Remember- when you’re bored of writing it, the reader will have been bored a long time before.

4. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

Be brave and be honest. Once you do it, even if many people don’t completely agree with your point, they will still respect you because of your being brave and honest.

5. Don’t be coefficient of the hyper-ventilating linguistic jargon

In other words – keep it simple. Don’t use big words just to show you know. Simple, readily understandable English is something everyone understands. The best writers are able to convey tremendously difficult concepts in language a child can understand.

6. Don’t just write, ENGAGE. 

It is not necessary to write full stories. Sometimes just engage on the content that is already there. Write a comment on a story that someone else has written about. Some people will probably disagree with whatever you write and say so in the comment thread. But if you engage in the conversation, they’ll respect your views.

Engage, Excite, Educate and Inspire readers


For the more serious writers- here are some additional guidelines worth reading through:

Key points while submitting content

* Is your story Well researched, Well structured and formatted? * Are enough facts and figures given?* Is your content engaging enough? Is the tone conversational? Can your content hold the attention span of a tween? * Is it appropriate for a family/children environment?

  • Family friendly news items – only. No news items involving ‘gossipy’ stories. DO NOT use gossip news articles
  • You are free to write on any topic of your interest. Or create a video of your choice. In general, news articles  cover the following topics:
    • International/Global: News and stories of interest around Culture, People, Politics
    • Technology/ Science news and stories : Gadget releases, internet news or related stories, digital media related stories, science, astronomy and space
    • Sports News and stories: International sporting events, scorecards, prominent players, winners/losers, workings of a game
    • Entertainment news and stories: Movie releases,  music releases, arts, events- relevant for kids
  • In general, use the following Inverted Content Pyramid approach:
Inverted Content Pyramid

Inverted Content Pyramid


  • Spelling and Grammar: Be free to write in your own way, though we prefer UK English
  • Word count:   Again, feel free to give the right treatment. We prefer 300 words- 600 words with at least one picture, graph, illustration or video (with proper attribution to sources. Only Commercially usable content with attribution links allowed)
  • Proper proof reading- no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors
  • Write in conversational language but do not write slang
  • Use smaller paragraphs. Not big chunks of text. No more than 6 lines of text together.
  • Avoid very HEAVY/DIFFICULT words. Use easily understandable alternativesinstead. Use those words only when they truly represent the best meaning
    • example: instead of ‘serendipitous’ write “by chance”. Some words might lose their meaning when replaced. In those cases, use your judgement and let it be. Example:  when using words like ‘REGIME’- use it as it is- because it is difficult to replace that word with its meaning
  • Do proper research across various reliable and well respected sources- for every news article you are posting, refer to Wikipedia, BBC, CNN OR other well established newspapers
  • Always support by data and give context or examples to make reading interesting.
  • DO NOT have personal biases. Be neutral and present both sides of a story.
    • No biases against any country, race, people, political stance, creed, gender, age or any other type of bias
  • Give credit where it is due.Use graphs, pictures, illustrations, videos- with the following guidelines:
  • Give links references if you are referencing to something:
    • Example: The contestants have expressed concerns about political rigging while government maintains that… (give links to reputable sources that substantiate this claim)
    • Give internal links to other stories within The Whiz Times- find opportunities to link to other pages within the site- read the site or search if something related to your topic has been mentioned. Give link outs to that post or section.
  • Proper titles: While mentioning names of people address them as Mr/Ms


Have fun and await your moment of glory. Don’t worry about getting selected or not. The first step is beginning to write. Be assured that you will hear from us.

Start submitting now.

 Please read through the Content submission Agreement and Terms of use. By submitting content or participating in the site you agree to the Content Submission Agreement and Site Terms of use.

PS: We do not pay for individual stories as of now. However, we are on the lookout for good resident content writers and content creators. Please write in to in case you want to work for The Whiz Times.