The Whiz Times is really easy to use.

You can just start browsing through the site for hours of entertainment, enrichment and news: all family and child friendly content.

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There are tons of features on the site (and new ones constantly being added).  Here are some of the main features to help you know how to use The Whiz Times and get the maximum out of this site.



  • When you come on The Whiz Times, straightaway, you can jump into the latest stories. We have the latest stories first. There are many interesting stories that are not latest, but you would want to go through them anyways.




  • You can browse through stories in many ways. The menu bar on the top is very important to help you navigate through your chosen topics. The menu bar is the “red bar” on top. This has top categories like “People” (which is about people in the news), to topics like Sports, Culture, Trends and Fashion, Entertainment, Politics etc. Whiz Funnies are cartoon strips, Money Whiz is about Business news and concepts for young people and families and Geek Whiz, as the name suggests, is about technology related stories.
How to use The Whiz Times platform for family friendly content

The Menu Bar



  • Just below the Red Menu bar is another ‘strip’. This has Videos (we know you love watching videos, so we brought it upfront).

Age Group Menu

We understand that at different age groups, we all enjoy different kinds of content. The Whiz Times arranges stories by age groups too. You can click on “By Age Group” menu button to reveal stories for 6+, 8+ and 10+ age groups. Or, specific content for parenting and Whiz moms and Dads.

However, all the content is appropriate, safe, fun, enriching for family viewing. All the content can be viewed and enjoyed by everyone. Which is why a + sign after age. What that means is anyone above the age of 6 can enjoy 6+ content. But 10+ year content might not be well understood by a 6 year old.

As examples, 10+ age group can be more about sports or politics, whereas 8+ and 6+ year content can have a different language, pictures, formatting and treatment.  6+ and 8+ content includes different kinds of videos too.

Our Parenting channel is also safe for viewing for every age group.



  • Your content: The Whiz Times encourages you to send your creations. It can be artworks that you produce, or a video you made. Or it could even be about a news story that you want to explain in your own language. We give credits to you and promote your content, if published.
Submit your content on The Whiz Times

Submit your content on The Whiz Times



  • About: You can know more about The Whiz Times. Our team, notes for parents, for schools and teachers and even for Brands who want to bring family friendly messages and offers for users. Brands can also have access to interesting infographics and data, facts and stats about marketing to families and children. You can, of course, use this page to contact us (we love hearing from you!) or you can always write to editor at


The Whiz Times About

“About” Menu Options




  • Quiz: We know you love many Whiz Stories. And you also want to show the world how good you are with knowing the facts and details around those stories. Now you can play a quiz game after select stories. Answer 3- 4 questions and earn golden stars and reward points.
    • How can you spot a story that has a quiz?: Those stories are ‘tagged’ Quiz and you can type to access those stories


Quiz on The Whiz Times

Quiz on The Whiz Times




  • ¬†Sign-in to The Whiz Times: Look at the top right hand corner. You will see a “Sign-in” button. If you are an already registered member you can click on this button and then input your User name and password that you used when you registered. Press “Log-in” and you can enter the site as a member.

*You can also log in using the My Whiz Times option on the top menu


Sign in to The Whiz Times

Sign in to The Whiz Times




  • Registering on The Whiz Times has many advantages. One of the advantages is you will get your own Whiz Bar- on top. You can use this to access many exclusive options for members only.
The Whiz Times dashboard vertical

The Whiz Times dashboard: Vertical

The Whiz Times dashboard horizontal

The Whiz Times dashboard: Horizontal strip


You can use this dashboard to access your Profile, all the stories that you have submitted, all the stories that you have “loved” or “hearted”.




  • Earn reward points through Gamification: One really loved feature of The Whiz Times is earning reward points. Surfing The Whiz Times is an enriching exercise- so we want to reward you for a lot of things you do on the site.
  • As a member of The Whiz Times, you get a special Profile page. Here, apart from other things, you can also check your reward points. As you can see below, Mr WhizStein created a profile for himself. He customized his profile photo (avatar), and earned 11 Quiz Stars. He is a ‘newbie’ still, as he has to play more quizzes and complete his profile. Once he accumulates more points, he can move up!
The Whiz Times Gamification and reward points

The Whiz Times Gamification and reward points


  • Be a Top Whiz User and be featured on the site. How can you earn reward points on The Whiz Times:
    1. When you log in. If you log in everyday, you get reward points just for logging in (once a day)
    2. When you play a quiz.
    3. When you post or submit a story
    4. When you comment on a story
    5. When you complete your profile on The Whiz Times. This includes generating a fun ‘Avatar’ for yourself.
The Whiz Times Top Whiz People

The Whiz Times Top Whiz People



Those are some of the big features on The Whiz Times that you should know about. If you want any specific thing to be added- or if there is something that you think should be a lot of fun if we had it, please do send an email to us at editor at, and we will see how can we develop those features on the site.