Love The Whiz Times? Want to know who are the people who bring this fun, interactive and intelligent platform to you?

Well, there’s actually a whole host of people involved – in this labor of love.

So here are some key members of our team:


The Whiz Advisers:


troytenhet_Whiz Graduate

Dr.¬†Troy Tenhet Jr. Ed.D.¬†A truly illustrious educator. Dr. Troy is a 6th grade teacher working in Central California (USA). He is also an instructor for Fresno Pacific University in their Education Technology Master’s Degree Program. He works as a co-director of the Global Learning Exchange (GLE) and has worked closely with teachers and students from all over the world. Additionally, he works closely with experts from the Smithsonian and McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica.


Recently, Dr. Troy wrote an article for the Huffington Post titled, “Beyond School Walls: Connecting Students and Teachers Around the World.” He is a passionate proponent of educational technology and educational social media. He is an avid reader of the late science fiction writer Ray Bradbury.

His favorite quote? “The true delight is in the finding out, rather than in the knowing‚Ķ”





Nelson Wee_Whiz

Nelson Wee is the Managing Director Southeast Asia for SK Planet, the internet and media content spin off from Korea’s leading carrier, SK Telecom.

An involved Dad of a 9 year old boy, Nelson has more than 18 years of experience in the business of content,  product marketing, product management, content marketing, digital channel management in the Asia Pacific region. He has led in developing ancillary channels and managing the go-to-market programs for OTT internet services, and cross-platform (PC, smartphones) solution offerings. (Psst..he is awesomely well connected. Want to meet someone in the mobile space? You now know which Whiz to go to)




shalabh_pandey-chief whiz

Shalabh Pandey: Based out of the Asian business hub of Singapore, Shalabh has over 13 years experience in setting up digital media businesses. Shalabh has held senior positions with companies like Nokia (Head of Earned Media for South-East Asia and Pacific), WPP Digital/Possible Worldwide (Global Head of Media), Havas Digital (Managing Director Singapore/South East Asia) and has given direction to their digital businesses.

This was till the time when the entrepreneurial bug bit and he founded The Whiz Times (aided by the secret desire to call himself The Chief Whiz)  This Dad of two Whiz Kids realized that there are very few platforms out there to introduce kids to the real world. And thus this new baby was born.




Biz Whiz (Director of Business Development)

Li Mei Chee_The Whiz Times

Li Mei Chee (Mei for us)¬†has done it all.¬†MBA from Harvard?¬†Check.¬†Co-Founding an enterprise?¬†Check.¬†Equities and Investment.¬†Cheque. Err…We mean Check.¬†¬†


Mei, till recently was working as Director of Commercial and Consumer Marketing for Nokia in South East Asia and Pacific.

And then came her biggest achievement- she is now the proud mother of a little boy. Or make that two. The other one where she gives her motherly (!) treatment now- is The Whiz Times.

Her favorite quote?¬†“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity… an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” – By Sir Winston Churchill



The Whiz Content Team 

Writer Content Editorial Whiz Times
 Yeo Wan Ting: Associate Editor & Content Whiz

Wan Ting’s¬†team makes sure that our content deadlines are met on a day to day basis and all the published stories are held to the high standards of The Whiz Times.

Having taught English and English Literature for four years, Wan Ting is familiar with the linguistic needs of students. A firm believer and avid advocate of the Arts, Wan Ting believes that every child stands to benefit greatly from the analytic skills and broadened perspectives that an Arts education can bring.

In her spare time, Wan Ting enjoys diving into an absorbing read, travelling, seeking out good food and trying her hand at new sports.

Shamie Jeagan The Whiz TimesShamie Jeagan: Layout, Interactive producer

Shamie’s team makes sure that the stories are ready for publishing– the right formatting, the right quizzes, right pictures and everything else.

Shamie is a basketball fan and is interested in music (she plays the piano… and guitar). Not to mention, she loves working with Whiz Kids.

 Writer Editor

Brenda Chung: Content Whiz

Brenda has been responsible for hundreds of awesome stories on The Whiz Times. A well awarded banking executive, Brenda is fluent in both English and Mandarin and loves reading, running, baking, playing the piano, learning Japanese and guitar.



Tech and Design

Tech team The Whiz Times

And here’s our awesome tech team: Nitin, Piyush, Priya, Lovely. These are the guys who keep the wheels turning for the digital and the mobile platform of The Whiz Times. How do they manage all that work? Simple- you can their ‘fuel’ in the picture (just kidding- they have their share of healthy food too :p )


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Of course – that’s not all! Our content team has some super awesome people: Our our video content producers, our post-edit formatting , our cartoonists, our tech team and the business development team – are the support system that¬† The Whiz Times runs on.


And why are we all wearing graduation hats, you ask? Well, lets just say- all of us now are graduates from the Whiz university!